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    hanging temperature

    I know that the recommended hanging temperature is circa 7c , I have recently obtained a williams stainless steel catering fridge for the cost of a few beers which would make a lovely hanging fridge in the garage, the only issue is that the temperature range on the fridge is 1-4c , can I get away with just hanging the carcass for a little longer or is it a non starter of a fridge?

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    I recently had my chiller repaired, with new sensors etc, it operates between 3.7 & 5.3 c, last Roe was in for three days, set well & skinned great.
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    got 2 stand alone foster chillers one at 5 and one at 4 degrees allows hanging for 10-14 days

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    Not sure where you got the recommended hanging temperature is circa 7c from? I think that you may have mis-understood this perhaps? 7c is the maximum temperature that the carcass should be kept at. Below that but above 0c is just fine!

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    Excellent, many thanks chaps.

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    4˚ is the optimum hanging temperature I have read about.

    Rule of thumb I have read is "40 degree days"...

    1˚C for 40 days.

    4˚C for 10 days.

    I gather that is what the Tenderum timer is based on.



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