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Thread: Jard triggers

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    Jard triggers

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you have ever ordered a trigger direct from the Jard website?
    I am thinking of ordering one for my Ruger precision rifle but wanted to know if any one had bought from them and how it went.

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    I recently bought one from the Jard website for a Browning X bolt.
    It took about 3 weeks to get here and they did not reply to my e mails asking for an update on the order.
    Royal Mail charged me 15.08 at this end (7.08 duty, no VAT and 8 for the privilige of Royal Mail doing the customs clearance)
    Jard will only send 1 trigger at a time and their US customs declaration simply said "parts"
    So overall, no real problems and I'd definitely use them again.



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    Thanks Bruce, I am going to order one very soon then

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