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Thread: front sight for swedish mauser ?

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    Question front sight for swedish mauser ?

    I am looking to purchase a front sight ( blade type) for a Swedish 6.5x55 rifle any body on line got any thoughts who might sell one of these items.
    thank you Tony

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    See below for a German site - I think he is a trade member of this site - could be wrong

    Hope this helps....

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    email around any RFD that does muzzle threading
    chances are someone has one in a box

    that's how I found a sight for my BRNO...and free

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    As per my PM.............. yes I have a complete set of Swedish Mauser M96 sights. These were removed from a rifle that was being sporterised by another club member so were unsoldered from the barrel. They have a little surface rust as this was a long time back and they have been sitting in my storage dawer ever since in case they came in useful.

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    I would be interested in the front sight please pm me

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    The front sights for the M96 and M38 military Mausers come in different heights, to set the starting elevation. Standard height is about a 300 meter zero, but you can change that to a 200 or a 100. The older ones were regulated with 156-gr RN bullets, and the 1941 and later ones with 139-gr spitzer bullets, and there are different barrel lengths, so you have to play around with some.

    From my feeble old memory....
    +0.5 = 300 meter zero
    +3.5 = 200 meters

    SARCO has extra tall sights for 100 yard zero, and some other ones.

    English manual for the Swedes at
    Hmmmm... links don't work.
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