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Thread: ParcelForce to stop shipping fireams?

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    ParcelForce to stop shipping fireams?

    Not sure if it's common knowledge yet but spoke to my RFD this morning and he confirmed that Parcel-Force, as of last Thursday have contacted him telling him that they intended on stopping all Section 1, Section 2 and Section 5 related shipments, so no rifles, shotguns nor ammunition will be shipped by Parcel-Force any longer.

    This is a very serious situation for RFDs and shooters because currently I know of no other courier for shipping firearms. Some manufacturers and suppliers have said that they intend to start delivering themselves but unless another courier comes forwards, the cost of firearms and components seems poised to rise and also supplies seemed poised to get thin on the ground.

    Not a good situation if true (I have no reason to disbelieve what my RFD tells me).

    Update: It now appears that they were mislead by their Parcel Force Contract Manager who supplied them with the WRONG link LoL! I forwarded the link that David included below and it was (good) news to them.
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    AFAIK TNT commonly courier firearms between RFDs



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    Ah, thanks Bruce....not all is lost!

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    Not so, PF still ship shotguns, rifles and airguns, BASC trade members get special rates.

    Others courier too but the costs can be much higher as far as I know, TNT changes their shipping arrangements earlier this year for example

    The new rules on firearms are here :

    And this comes into effect in Mid May

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    Speaking to my local RFD on Friday...... he was saying that TNT are to stop delivering ammunition. Two of his suppliers in south of England are having to arrange transport for deliveries near to them. He does at know at this time how he will get ammo deliveries to his premises.

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    BASC trade members were written to last month about a courier we have been in talks with who will transport ammo

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    Well done BASC if they are being pro-active in this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mealiejimmy View Post
    AFAIK TNT commonly courier firearms between RFDs


    They may well still take firearms but at daft money. FedEx bought them out and due to their firearms policy shoved the prices through the roof. A local RFD near me got a quote very recently to ship a shotgun South. 400.00as they have a mileage charge for firearms.

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    Parcelforce, and Royal Mail, have never shipped powders, ammunition nor primers since, well since I was a boy and they were all "Royal Mail", so if anyone has been using them for that they've been doing so wrongly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    Well done BASC if they are being pro-active in this.



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