So I was trying to fit a new bipod to my rifle the other day and found I was missing a screw where there's currently a Harris bipod swivel fitted.
The new bipod and attachment are obsolete without this screw.
No problem I think...I can ask my local gunsmith or the rifle manufacturer. A
fter all I spent several thousand pounds over the years on firearms, ammo, kit etc.
Email to local
Email to
Email to a couple of other outfitters who stock either the bipod or the rifle or

Email to Ian @ Mulliner's explaining my situation...Boom!

Email back within a few hours saying he didn't have any of the screws in question.
No worries, I thought, at least he had the courtesy to reply and this screw wasn't exactly going to boost monthly turnover for his business.
I replied thanks and then got an email 10 mins later saying he's emailed Blaser to request some of the screws and would mail me one upon receipt.
A week later (and another email asking my address) I have the screw, bipod can be fitted, happy punter and a lifelong fan now.

I guess the above is a long way of saying that the smallest part of my rifle has made the biggest difference and it's little things like this that can make/break attitudes to businesses the country over.

So big thanks to him and his outfit.
I even asked how I might reimburse him and pay and have yet to hear anything (although if you read this I am good for it I promise!).

Still not heard anything from 4 other people I asked although one has since come back to say they didn't have the part.