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Thread: Wolf night vision

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    Wolf night vision

    Hi all,
    Has anybody got a view on the wolf N/v (NOT FOR Deer stalking), but for bunnies and foxes? I am planning to use it predominately on my .222 for foxes. Then on .22 rim fire for bunnies. The foxes and rabbits where I have permission are very lamp shy. I want to show to the farmer I am doing my best with the vermin, and I'm not just on the land for the deer. If they perform like the supplier write ups profess then I don't mind parting with my hard earned.

    I'd like to hear from an actual user.


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    I put an NS200 on my .22rf, but didn't like the head-up position. Didn't like the glare from the screen, so got some filters. I'd like to get rid of it now I've got a Photon.

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    If you want an NV add-on that makes you mount the rifle very awkwardly and a has a small tv screen that knackers your ability to see anything when you look away from it, then there are plenty similarly styled add-ons available which perform at least as well as a NiteSite Wolf and which cost a lot less.
    This for example, is about the best screen based add-on you'll get Two more Black Sun equipped KwikFit Add On rigs for sale. 1 left. -
    IMHO, a far better solution is the Ward D700 rear add-on which is short enough to allow you to mount the rifle nortmally and has a near eye display that eliminates glare Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision
    Bear in mind that any add-on (including the NiteSite) will need a scope with adjustable focus, otherwise targets at less than 100 yards will not produce a sharp image on the screen.
    Generally, scopes with side focus adjust down to 10 yards are needed to get the best out of NV add-ons
    If you're willing to change to a dedicated night vision scope then the Yukon photon is far and away the best value night vision kit on the market Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50 S



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    Cheers Bruce,
    Food for thought.

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