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Thread: Joint ill (septic arthritis) in a Muntjac buck

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    Joint ill (septic arthritis) in a Muntjac buck

    Muntjac legs enlargement on joint 3rd leg down.side view

    Hind legs A-P view

    Skin removed showing scent gland

    Closer view of joint

    Metatarsal bones showing normal and abnormal

    Closer view showing divergence of articular surfaces of 3 and 4 metatarsals.

    This buck had aladdin's slippers.

    The sting in the tail

    How would you recognise these bones as deer bones ?

    Answers please no prizes.
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    The distally closed metatarsal gully.

    I hadn't realised it was a characteristic of deer, so thank you for the prompt to discover that fact.
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    Very interesting, thanks.

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    I had this one about a month ago on an old buck.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Shot and old fella this evening with similar issues but on the rear knee joint. See it quite a lot actually

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    I have had similar - at the 'elbow' - in the past.

    Answer perhaps:The 'slot' down the bone, ending in an orifice to top up the scent gland?


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