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Thread: FAC Referees- Who is a Suitable Person?

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    FAC Referees- Who is a Suitable Person?

    My Stepson is just about to renew his FAC
    As his 'Step Father' - I am married to his Mum! - am I considered to be family and therefore bias?
    I short, am I suitable referee?
    Any opinions?

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    You cannot act as a referee.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Definately not, have a word with his local publican, or if he knows any business owners, his boss for example
    wish him luck in his Renewal

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    Pretty much anybody can act as a referee, so long as they are seen to be a responsible person capable of giving a reasonable reference. I'd go with someone without a criminal record, who is in gainful employment and you're pretty much there really. A nurse, a vet, shop manager, gamekeeper, teacher, garage proprietor, a supervisor at the local factory and so on. They can be retired too. Perhaps someone you know through shooting. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of people would be able to find a couple of referees without too much trouble if you put your mind to it.

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    The rules regarding referees used to be much stricter, as far as I can see almost anyone who knows you and is a responsible person will do the job.

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    when I renewed my FAC I had a member of my club and someone I have worked with for years counter sign mine. It most likely helped that they had FAC/SGC's

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    Any one who has known him for several years will be suitable as long as they are not related.

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    My understanding is anyone who is not a family member, not a cop and not an RFD who has known the applicant well for some time is fine. Thye must also be in good standing, so not prohibited from owning an FAC. I have done it loads of times, and as an FAC holder it really helps and certainly saves time for the cops, as on the phone they dont have to explain everything

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