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Thread: Something a little different

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    Something a little different

    I have had this build on the drawing board for a while but not been able to get hold of the ingredients ! but it all came together in the last month.

    Barrel tuned up today around 11.30 and with the help of Paddy of Dane and Co was all built by 5.00, with the scope and mod shown in the picture it comes in at 10 pound 12 ounces.

    Stiller tac 30 AW , Hardy carbon wrapped barrel 18" long in 6.5 x 47, manners carbon stock with bedding block and badger bottom metal, jewell trigger.

    I have a second 7mm barrel at 16 '' as a spare so this should bring the overall weight down a little further.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji53 View Post
    Very nice that
    Not the best picture will take some better ones tomorrow.


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    Lovely looking gun that. would it be churlish to ask what the cost of the project was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbox View Post
    Lovely looking gun that. would it be churlish to ask what the cost of the project was?
    Not added up the build cost yet .


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    Stunning Keith

    hope the lads are doing well.

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    What's the mod fella?
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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    What's the mod fella?
    To be honest, not a clue, I picked it up at Paddy's as I have nothing here to put on the rifle for now !

    I believe its one he has obtained to try, I know its made in the uk as I noticed it marked on the can, but not noticed any branding which may well be there, I have not shot it yet so can't comment on it performance wise.


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    Quote Originally Posted by twg1 View Post
    Not added up the build cost yet .

    Sometimes it's best not to and just enjoy!

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    A few better pictures

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