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Thread: reloading bits

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    reloading bits

    Bits to go
    25 06 modified case 5 plus p&p
    6.5 06 modified case 5 plus p&p
    156 T.P 308 cases 20 inc p&p
    Thanks for looking
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    Hi. What sort of condition are the Rcbs 308 fl sizer and seater please? Any chance for some pictures? Thanks!
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    Attachment 69798Attachment 69797Only just finished loading with it,I had them from new, they're used condition and in great working order though I have ordered new locking rings from spud to sell with but ive not recieved them yet, must be 2 weeks ago now.they load ammo if you can shoot it
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    I'd like the .25-06 dies please. Pm me a total plus postage and how you'd like to be payed and I'll get it sorted.

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    Collected from where?

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    Bisley on one of my london practical shooting club days.fifty cal shooting association shoot sailsbury or sennybridge.i have mates who attend lydd fcsa shoot.i posted lapua 308 brass today just over 3 second class .200 would be around double that.if more than double split and post 2x100 parcels.gottabe easiest way.

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    Ill take RCBS 308 please let me know how you want payment please

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    PM sent
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