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Thread: e-mail your MP

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    e-mail your MP

    The BASC election site has been updated - The new site should go live sometime between now and tomorrow morning. It will be in the same place on the home page.

    The site will work in exactly the same way as the election site except that it only covers elected MPs and for the duration of the fall out from the Cumbrian murders the suggested email will reflect these special circumstances.

    The email expresses the shooting community's concern, explains shooting's importance and offers briefing to the MP. If any of you require any guidance on what to say to your MP let us know.

    You can of course amend the email and send any message you wish - but please keep it polite. You can also find out whether or not your MP is listed by us as supportive of shooting. If not you can still email them and ask them their view.

    Please use it to make contact with your MP - and please copy any response you get to the email given on the site.

    If MPs are plugged into their local shooting community they are likely to be far better informed when they come to make decisions in the wake of Cumbria.

    Many thanks for your support.


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    hi david thanks for your help i have just filled in the form and sent it off all the best and keep up the good work,wayne

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    I am delighted that my subscription is being put to good use - for once!


    And I've now done it, interesting to see that there is no information as to what my MP's views are, am I now going to regret voting for him??
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    I mailed Richard Benyon in West Berks the day after it happened. His English sidelocks are undoubtedly worth more than my house.

    ...but I agree with Patrick. All power to the BASC.
    KevinF -

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    Will do David. I have already exchanged emails with Swifty last week, regarding the excellent interview that Phil Pugh did on radio Merseyside. What a great job he did.

    Delighted to see you and everyone else at BASC fighting for our future. Wonder what the "BASC do f**k all for us" crowd will be getting from their chosen organisations?

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    Done! Thanks Dave

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    I amended it slightly, just to remind my MP who pays for her generous expenses:

    I am a Halewood constituent and participate in shooting sports.
    The murders in Cumbria have shocked and saddened the whole shooting community.
    I am concerned that this may result in legislative damage to safe and legal shooting. I am also aware that you will have the opportunity to contribute to the debate promised in parliament.
    Shooting is a major contributor to the economy and the environment. The independent PACEC report found that live quarry shooting alone contributed 1.6 billion to the economy, was responsible for the full time equivalent of 70,000 jobs and provided 2.7 million work days on conservation.
    I have been pleased by the good sense displayed by both government and opposition in warning against knee-jerk legislation. As the Prime Minister has said you cannot legislate for a lunatic.
    I currently own a North West based gun shop which gives five people full time employment and contributes approximately 100,000 every year in VAT, Tax and N.I. Contributions.
    I would be very happy to brief you on shooting sports and their role in your constituency. Please let me know if you would like to take up my offer.

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    Some years ago Sefton council, led by Pugh, ran a 'consultancy' on the wildfowl shooting licenses issued by the council on the foreshore. The meeting was well attended by shooting circle advocates, especially existing wildfowlers and other interested parties.
    After discussions with Pugh his answer to the question about what local concerns wanted for the land was
    'We (the liberals) are not interested in what the locals want, we want shooting stopped so thats it'

    Some consultancy eh

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