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Thread: How do you carry yours?

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    How do you carry yours?

    This may have been asked before but, I've done a quick search and it's not revealed what I was looking for.

    I was wondering how people carry their kit around. This is my current set up:

    • Rifle on a rucksack sling;
    • Bushnell laser rangefinder binos on a harness;
    • Sticks - carried in hand;
    • Napier Apex Predator waist pack containing the following:
      • Spare ammo;
      • Buttolo call;
      • Mora Knife;
      • Leatherman;
      • face veil - if not wearing;
      • gloves - if not wearing;
      • latex gloves;
      • couple of freezer bags;
      • couple of sheets of heavy duty disposable cloth - doubles as a bandage;
      • Cable ties;
      • Tick removal tool;
      • Nikon P900 Camera - bit on the large side but i also use it for glassing long distances too (83x zoom) great bit of kit, very impressed. Every time I leave it I wish I had it;
      • Water bottle or small flask;
      • Car keys;
      • Phone;
      • Head torch - if stalking in the evening;
      • Coat - if required/if not wearing;
      • Large heavy duty plastic bag for the deer - the Napier bag liner is too small;

    I like this set up as it is comfortable in any weather/temperature and not too heavy. I can also access most hings without taking the pack off. It does have a couple of downsides:

    • The waist pack has a tenancy to slip after a while so you have to re-adjust it every so often;
    • It pushes the rifle off to one side when on the rucksack sling due to the layout of the pockets;
    • I have to take the pack off to get to the camera and coat which is a bit of a clumsy operation;

    So how do you carry yours, and are there any better set ups out there?

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    For roe and hinds - Rifle on Z-aim sling. Bino's around neck. knife on belt. Latex gloves, hand san, bit of rope, orange pvc tape, car keys and mars bar in pocket.

    Stags - the same, plus a nearby argo
    I never make the same mistake twice.

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    Just to be sure.

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    I have my man do the carrying!

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    Rifle on simple sling, with two spare rounds on sling pouch, and one in each of my trouser and handwarmer pockets (I generally shoot a single shot and loose rounds jangle and rounds held in a pouch require two hands). Binos slung around neck or across shoulder African style. Knife in pocket or on belt. Leatherman and led lenser torch on belt. Piece of paracord shortened and in pocket. Car keys and iPhone in zipped pocket. Buttalo and fox call in hand warmer pocket.

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    gun on a sling,
    binos round my neck,
    sticks in my hand
    knife in my pocket,
    keys and phone in my pocket, oh and a torch if its evening

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    Rifle on sling
    bino's round neck
    Apex Predator waist bag/roe sack with
    latex gloves
    cable ties
    1st Aid kit with tick tool
    emergency blanket
    emergency flashing beacon thingy
    spare ammo.

    Car keys & phone in zipped jacket pocket

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    small day pack
    two knifes
    first aid kit
    light sticks
    foil blankets
    head lamp
    hand lamp
    ammo more than i'll every need
    pulling hook/rope
    warming kit
    small hot drink container
    z aim sling
    keys on clip hook and phone/small charger inner zipped pocket
    loo roll and lighter to burn the brown paper ?
    if in high seat then pipe flex wrap and warm inflatable flat seat pad
    boiled sweets

    small rf

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    Bino's round my neck, rifle on shoulder any thing else in my pockets. If they don't fit in my pockets they don't go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Bino's round my neck, rifle on shoulder any thing else in my pockets. If they don't fit in my pockets they don't go.

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    The Vorn Lynx rucksack looks like a good option to me may purchase one

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