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Thread: Trail Cam recommendation

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    Trail Cam recommendation

    I am having trouble with two legged vermin round some sheds and outbuildings remote from my home. I have had two unwanted visits that I know of so far, no major damage done yet but it is an irritation. I want to get a trail cam to identify the culprit(s) and bring them to book. It needs to be silent and completely stealthy with no visible flash or glow from IR emitters given the nature of the vermin concerned. If it can text me the pictures when it goes off that would also be an advantage. So, can anyone recommend a suitable device? Thanks. NW

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    If you were in the states, I would say "get this" Code Black 12.0 | Covert Scouting Cameras

    I assume you want something similar. It has a sim card and will send photos to your phone. Also has black IR so no flash and no click of the shutter. I have one that works phenomenally well for deer, and also works as a gate/driveway alarm when I am away. A buddy has several for his farms (some are quite distant from the main farm) and uses them to track visitors to the barns and sheds.

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    I would suggest getting a working trail cam and a couple of fake ones too. If someone is looking for a camera, hopefully they'll steal/damage the fake ones, and leave the working one untouched.

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    I don't know much about models but I'd find one that sends you the photo if possible and I heard of some one installing them in bird boxes as less likely to get unwanted attention

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    Thanks. There is plenty of scope to hide or disguise it.

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