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Thread: 180gn 270 bullets for boar, want any?

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    180gn 270 bullets for boar, want any?

    I am looking to import some 180gn bullets in 270 cal' for use on boar, but there is a Minimum order of 4 boxes and this would be too many for me on the number of boar I am likely to shoot. So does anybody else want some heavy bullets for use in a 270 to make it viable for me to import a few boxes.(I have reloading data for them by the way)

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    Hi Pete, they are a Custom bullet manufacture from Canada called Hawk Bullets they have a theory that the copper jackets on a normal hunting bullets are too brittle because the copper work hardens when being drawn so they anneal there jackets so the copper is still soft this leads to better expansion but the bullet are less likely to brake up whether this is the case I donít know but the theory makes sense.

    They come in boxes 50. They do 250gn bullets in 30 calí. I am sure that them 180gn 270s would work well on plains game, they have a very good SD.

    Best rgds


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    180grn 270 bulleta, want any

    Ive just posted on hawk bullets, are they any good, where did you get loading data, and I'm thinking of useing them on plainsgame. are they all gone

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    I used Hawk Bullets (.288" diameter) in a 280 Ross about ten to fifteen years ago. They were not very accurate I'm sorry to say.

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