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Thread: Naked photographing.

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    Naked photographing.

    Got up this morning at 5.30 to have a leak and saw this lady at the back of the house. So i grabbed the camera and whilst still naked and only wearing my boots managed to take a picture. As you can see the old girl seemed quite shocked to see a naked figuer stood there. Plus it was frosty but i kept my end up

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    Nice picture, I'm glad you got the camera the right way round!

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    Don't know about naked photography but naked shooting that's a different matter, had a client who awoke at dawn to the sound of a stag roaring , he quickly grabbed his rifle and set off in pursuit, a shortish but quite difficult stalk which included a stretch of boggy ground and fording a hill burn resulted in him shooting a nice ten pointer.

    I must say he was not completely naked though he still had on his pyjama bottoms and slippers..

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    Nice picture, didnt know what to expect when opening this post

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    nice photo, lucky if I see next doors cat when I look out in the morning

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    Is that a look of shock on her face.....or a smile?
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I was going for a smile or possibly wind ,

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