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Thread: silage time again

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    silage time again

    Last year my main farm started silage making on 30th April and we missed it so making sure not to be caught out this year made enquiries to be told next week. Yesterday on the my daily M5 commute I noticed grass was being cut so suspected things might change, loh and behold got a call at 8.30pm saying silage was started lots grass down. So as always drop everything to get out. More to follow......


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    feck me, grass hardly poking above the ground here yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slider View Post
    feck me, grass hardly poking above the ground here yet!
    snap! Snow's not long gone here, it'll be a while till there's any siloing done here.

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    seen my 1st cut feild yesterday and not that far from yate as it happenes so it shouldnt be long for you cyres

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    I heard the first fawn about 5 days ago.

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    We've had some early grass-cutting going on around here too,

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    not much here, in fact the sheep are having to have blocks in the park to help them through the shortages

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    Got well excited when they cut the field in front of my new high evening session was planned hopefully with charles coming in to search the field for chopped up treats etc...was just about to put out the caller when the tractors turned up and within the hour it was raked bailed and picked up...and to add insult to injury the batterys on the caller were flat too....Hugh.

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    its never worried me or my foxes for that matter parkyboy if the grass has been picked up they will still be out there the only differnce ive found and this is under the lamp is that a jumpy fox will prefer the rows of grass being there as it will give them somthing to hide behind as apposed to just being out in the open. i think foxes are not only attracted to cut grass for the free meal opertunitys it throws up but also there just curious as to what has happened in the feild

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    I appreciate your comments sir...time had always been the important factor with me where cut grass was concerned...the quicker you got there the better the chances of planned to put the caller in one of the lines of grass and play rodent or rabbit distress calls to mimic an injured animal ....i was confident of getting charles in close and had taken my shotgun and some rc50s to deal with a moving fox in the murk and gloom as it would stand out against the light coloured grass from up in my highseat...Hugh.

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