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Thread: KKC stock for Tikka T3

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    Question KKC stock for Tikka T3

    Does anyone have a KKC stock for their T3? How do you find it, any glaring faults or particularly great features?
    I have a GRS Beserk stock at the moment and am not keen on the offset pistol grip so thinking of swapping to the KKC.

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    im in exactly the same boat. be very interested in any replies as i will now be selling my Berserk to fund a KKC

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    I now have the KKC and much prefer it.
    There is a slight right hand offset to the pistol grip but not the extreme of the GRS which I kept rolling over to get my hand in a more conventional position.
    The KKC is lighter and stiffer than the GRS and I much prefer the look. A buddy has just ordered one for his T3 after trying mine.

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    did you end up using jackson for the kkc mate? if so, what sort of price if you dont mind me asking and have you got a contact there i could use to order one myself? as long as it doesnt feel as chunky as the palm swell on the grs id be very interested, sounds like you had exactly the same issues im having haha.

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    I was through Jacksons, and I rang first to check it was in stock. Peter there is a splendid fellow to deal with.
    I then ordered through my local gunshop who gave me a price of around 440 I think.
    They delivered a sporter barrel version by accident, but quickly rectified when the varmint barrel version was sent in replacement.

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    great mate, thanks so much for the update, made my mind up for me, ill be ordering one next week then. shame the sporter barrel went back as thats exactly what i need haha

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