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    What would you say is the best nv hand held spotter guys,one that's 100 to 200 pound,cheers,

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    Old Pulsar 550 / 750 Recon, but you will still have to put a Nightmaster 800IR on the side of it to make it work properly.

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    One of these 6x50 Digital IR Night Vision Monocular 350m Range Takes Photo Video Hunting Cam | eBay
    Nothing else within your price range comes close to it's performance.



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    have a word with dave g on pigeon watch alias some bloke on NV forum,makes some cracking gear

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    mealiejimmys looks interesting with sd card recorder.
    They always show a better picture for the eye
    when linked to a reversing camera TFT screen.
    this will illuminate your face though.

    wandering around on foot in the dark,
    looking through monocular NV sends me right dizzy
    one eye looking at pitch black the other looking at bright NV.

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    got the same as Mealiejimmy,tis a bostin piece of kit .To add ive put a T20 ir black on like daylight viewing awesome ,turned the internal ir to zero to save battery life and carry spare batteries too Well worth the money.Go to any specialist optics shop its marketed as the Hawke NV camcorder which retails at 199 so its a big saving getting it direct from the factory atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
    have a word with dave g on pigeon watch alias some bloke on NV forum,makes some cracking gear
    I have a spotter via him. Around 250 i think it was.
    Not particularly a thing of beauty but man is it good for the money. It will see a heck of a lot further than you would want to shoot at night!

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    I've got the bestguard unit as discussed, so has my mate. Can't fault it especially for 130.
    Dont really need an add on IR torch unless you want to preserve battery life.

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