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Thread: As i can only shoot one at a time What do I really need to Cover all Species???

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    As i can only shoot one at a time What do I really need to Cover all Species???

    As per title I have a Different cals. for differant Species As i can only shoot one at a time What do I really need!?
    .22 air rifle rats
    .22lr Bunnys
    .17hmr Don't know why I still have it.
    .222 Foxing
    25-06 stalking Need new barrel so could change cal to a swede or ????
    .308 targets to heaven for stalking

    Foxing bunnys stalking and the odd day at the range is about all I need to cover

    You thought would be apreciated

    Thanks in advance John

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    Add a 270 to the list and you'll be fine.

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    If I only had one gun, and there were no deer laws it would be the .22 LR, for fox, deer, range 6.5- 55 and a ferret.

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    .22LR for bunnys and .270 for everything else.

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    Thinking outside the box.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Get a 30 30 lever action just for the fun of it

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    I would always keep an air rifle, .22lr as well and for c/f? a .308

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    ? If I had to only have one for small and one anything it would have to be one that could do every thing that it has to so a cz .22lr and a ? 308 if you practice then any shot is possible even long range bunny head shots

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchughcb View Post
    Thinking outside the box.

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    For me it was;
    .22lr Rabbits and Squirels.
    .223 Fox
    .308 Deer and Boar(one day)

    But I've added a 6.5x55 as my Stalking rifle which I suspect will become my go to set up leaving the .308 as a backup or dedicated boar rifle.

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