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Thread: New hilux invincible X

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    New hilux invincible X

    Hi guys

    Anyone looking at getting brand new hilux invincible X

    I heard they not here yet maybe July

    Would like to talk about options they are offering not sure my dealer knows all the facts


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    you could try Johnathan

    you could try Jonathan Barber
    Business Development Manager
    Lancaster Toyota Wearside
    Newcastle Road, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear SR5 1JE
    Tel: 0191 549 1277 Mobile: 07899 917 042
    He was telling me about the new hilux yesterday when he was sorting out my Basc Discount for my new Rav He was in Spain a couple of weeks ago test driving them!!!
    Just tell him Bob put you on to him
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    I had a look at one at the commercial vehicle show last week.looks good only downside is the first ones available in July will be only able to tow 3200kg. 3500kg coming later in year. I was told they will all be the 2.4 until at least 2018. New v6 3.0 tdi amarok early next year.

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    I contacted Macrae & Dick in Inverness earlier in the week. Orders being taken now for July delivery.

    2.4 Icon double cab Auto - 29180 OTR

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    if you are set on the X that's OK but they are looking to sell the older models on so there are some really good bargains to be had, especially with the BASC discount. Just bought a current model 3l invincible. Not sure if the newer models are to be a little more 'bling' and a little less practical.

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    I think I'd be tempted to go for a current model but discounted and enjoy it for a couple of years then when all the newer ones are out with the bigger engines are out etc then maybe trade in

    i love my 2011 3l but as stated the newer models do seem to be a little blingy which can be removed easily enough

    or the other option is an Isuzu

    both great motors

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    I was told the good news was yeah I could have 17% basc discount.
    Bad news they have been told don't take any orders for old model hence there's none in the system


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