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Thread: Brno 581 magazine

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    Brno 581 magazine

    I am selling an older BRNO 581 8 shot metal magazine which I bought hoping it would fit my CZ 511, the follower angle however is a bit different to my CZ 511 magazine and I can't get it to work properly.

    I am selling it for what I paid for it which is 15 (including postage) . I know these are pretty hard to come by now.

    Please PM me if you want this.

    many thanks.
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    Drop it in next time you are coming to the shop?

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    You may find the issue was that it wasn't locking home, the end cap is a different shape and comes further up the mag, shave a bit off the top with a Dremel and it may well seat properly and cycle fine, mine did!

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    Old thread I know but is this still for sale?

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    Hi, yes I still have it, PM me if you want it.


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