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Thread: Applying for my first FAC and SAC

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    Applying for my first FAC and SAC

    I am looking to start my paperwork for my first FAC and SAC in the UK.

    Most of my rifles are registered and in a weapons safe in Germany, while my 30.06 is, still, in the USA.

    What I would like to know is how many slots are there, for rifles and moderators, on an FAC?

    Also, I do understand that, in the UK, pistols are not allowed, with some exceptions. I have a .357 Mag, single action (must have the hammer pulled back for each round to be fired) that I would like to bring over, with my rifles, for Humane/cue-de-gras. I, also, understand that even if my reasons are great, it might not be allowed. What I do not know is which form I need to submit.

    I have been trying to catch every bit of information and tips put out on this site, by those of you with the knowledge and experience, but, to date, although I have learner a great deal, I have not read the answers to my questions and would be greatful for any tips and advice anyone might be willing to give on this subject.

    Lastly, for now, once I have my FAC and SAC, can an Arms Dealer, here add the weapons to my certificates once I have shipped them from Germany to here, dealer to dealer?

    Thanks, in advance.


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    if your now a UK resident then the FAC / SGC route is the only one available to you, if your here working or on holiday / university you may be able to bring in your weapons on a visitors permit, the Scottish police may be able to advise you on this as its common for overseas stalkers to obtain a visitors permit for sporting purposes.

    with regard to the handgun you have very little chance if any of obtaining a FAC for one in the uk with a few exceptions such a residents of northern Ireland or the isle of man etc. where this is still ok. you would need to be granted a section 5 (I believe) for a revolver for the purpose of humane dispatch of deer, and most uk police forces will want the cylinders welded up to allow its use for one shot only....

    I'm sure a uk dealer will be able to sign your existing weapons onto your FAC/SGC for a charge to cover the paperwork??

    Also have you investigated obtaining a European Firearms pPss which might allow you to bring them into the uk (short term) for competition / sporting purposes, which is what I use to travel into Europe to compete.

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    slots for stuff are as many as you can justify to the FEO so you need reason for each Fire arm (you should be fine then for a Moderator slot for each but need to put it down)

    if a UK resident FAC then you need a form 202 check your local Police Firearms Website most have a download for it ou can also call them to ask advice on any of it

    Dispatch Pistols the police like to insist on 2 shot only (tho its not a legal requirement in the ACT ) and usually dont Grant for first time stalkers espesially recreational ones tho Each force varies on its approach
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    Quote Originally Posted by BearStalker View Post
    Lastly, for now, once I have my FAC and SAC, can an Arms Dealer, here add the weapons to my certificates once I have shipped them from Germany to here, dealer to dealer?
    When you apply for your FAC/SGC try and have your existing firearms entered onto it. Also apply for a European Firearms Pass from your issuing police department (it's free) which can have the same firearms on it. If you have those documents why not travel to Germany and bring the fireams back with you?

    They are your firearms, hopefully entered onto your UK FAC/SGC and EFP, so I can't see any reason to inform anyone or go via an RFD. As they are not "newly acquired firearms" it appears there would be no requirement for a 'transfer licence' from Germany as well - but it might be wise to check with the Import Licencing Department of the Dept BIS on that point.

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    I imagine you are taking up permanent residence in the UK. Because only residents can have firearms/shotgun certificates. In an attempt to summarise the above answers and also impart some other information that may be of use:-

    1. There's no actual limit to the number of firearms you can own, but there are limiting factors. The more guns you have, the more security the police may want to see in place. For each firearm, you will need "good reason" to possess it, along with proof of that good reason. A few examples are stalking, fox or vermin control or target shooting. The proof may be in the form of land over which you have permission to use the firearm on live quarry, proof of booking stalking trips or full membership of a shooting range. There may be a problem if you have similar rifles, for example, two .308's for stalking. They will ask why you need two for the same reason. (Again, there are answers to this. One may be for range work, the other for live quarry, or perhaps a day rifle and a night rifle for fox). As for shotguns, again there's no limit and once granted a certificate, you can, in theory have as many as you want. But there may be security issues to be resolved if you have many.

    2. As for the possibility of possessing a pistol, I think you probably need to resign yourself that this is something that isn't going to be possible in the immediate future. That will save you a lot of agro. If it were to have some sentimental

    3. I'm not sure how you will get your firearms entered onto your certificate. However you will, in effect, be applying to possess specific firearms you already own, rather than, for example, applying to acquire an as yet unknown .243, it's possible that the certificate, when it comes, will already show them on your certificate, albeit they may still actually be in Germany, in anticipation of them arriving.

    4. Before they grant you your certificates, they will want to inspect your security, so be sure to have that in place, with enough cabinet space for all your guns.

    5. The forms for firearms require two referees and the shotgun form requires one (which can be the same as one of the firearms ones). I don't know if you know two suitable people to be referees in the UK, which would be the ideal but I know of no reason why someone abroad can't be a referee (stand to be corrected on this one).

    6. Consider joining a shooting association (SACS, BASC or whichever) which, as well as including shooting insurance, will have a contact to advise you on your applications if you hit a hurdle.

    7. As for moderators, apply for one for each rifle you want one for. You also need to have "good reason" for having them, but they are always granted, good reason may be that you don't want to unduly disturb livestock, other game, or you shoot near houses or simply to protect your hearing.

    Welcome to the convoluted world of UK ownership of firearms. Good luck.
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    Thank you to all.

    You have given me a wealth of information to work with.

    I, too, figured that I might not be allowed to keep the pistol, even-though it is a single action, but I figure the worst they can say is no. It is more sentimental than anything else.

    I have, including the '.06, in America, 5 rifles (.303 British, 30.40 Craig, 30.06 Springfield, 8X57, and a .22LR) and two shotguns (12G over and under and a 16Gside-by-side w/external hammers). All either inherited or presented to me. Not a lot, but ones I would like to hang on to; if I can.

    Thank you all, again for your help. I knew SD would not let me down.

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    I think I had a half finished sentence in my last post. I meant to say that if the pistol has some sentimental value and you want to keep it come what may, perhaps the only way will be to have it deactivated. But that would, of course destroy the pistol's reason for being.

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    I would request an application pack from the police service where you are going to reside. The packs contain everything you need plus guidance. The forms off the internet I found did not have everything I needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom270 View Post
    I would request an application pack from the police service where you are going to reside. The packs contain everything you need plus guidance. The forms off the internet I found did not have everything I needed.
    That. Although the internet forms are useful when you make an ar*e of your first attempt.

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