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Thread: AT or MT tyres?

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    AT or MT tyres?

    Like most people I do 90% of my driving on the road with maybe 1000 miles off the road each year. However, some of that 1000 miles puts me at the end of tracks maybe 10 miles from the nearest road and 25 miles from the nearest phone signal so there are very significant consequences and, perhaps, even risks associated with being stuck. I am almost always alone. Needless to say I take care and that forms 99% of my plan for a safe return.

    Having run AT tyres for quite a while now the mud terrain option is now open to me.

    Under the circumstances detailed are there any views on whether it would be worth my while going to a mud terrain type tyre over the AT that I normally use?

    As I understand it the disadvantages of going to, say, the BFG Mud Terrain over the BFG AT would be reduced performance on the road, decreased tyre life and decreased performance in snow but I'd be interested in any other problems or down sides that others with experience of both might consider important.

    Sorry, can't explain why this ended up in the rifles & calibres section as that's not where I thought I'd put it! Oops.
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    Because 90% of your time is on road I think you are best off with ATs

    However ATs are not a great off road tyre

    For off road conditions two contrasting circumstances - though perhaps not so common in the UK - are sand and mud

    ATs are better in sand but appalling in mud

    MT are good in mud and OK in sand

    I have driven many thousands of miles off road including a circumnavigation of Africa - I have almost exclusively used MTs

    Perhaps, as you do most of your work on road - you might stick with road tyres and some cheap 'muds' on steel rims (means a change over I know) for the occasions you will do some off road work

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    Buy the tyres that fit your use 90% of the time and enjoy significant fuel savings. The noise benefit is also nice.
    With the money served buy yourself a tirfor or a copy and with a few ground stakes you will get yourself out of most predicaments single handedly.
    I have a t1600 (i think) tirfor and wouldn't sell it as its so versatile. I've righted vehicles with it, teamed it up with an electrical and a pto Winch on different occasions. One nights lamping was rescued at 02.00 when I strayed into a boggy patch of the field and with no tractors or others about the two of us extracted the discovery with relative ease.
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    AT tyres and a Winch in a Bag in the car, just in case you do get stuck. That's how I and most of the people I stalk with go about it.

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    General Grabber AT2 on my vehicle. Highly recommend them for both on and off road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    AT tyres and a Winch in a Bag in the car, just in case you do get stuck. That's how I and most of the people I stalk with go about it.

    +1 That's my take on the question, using a Jimny. MT's on the previous Jimny were very noisy, and dreadful in the wet on road.

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    What truck is it for ?

    ATs are quieter on the road , and more economicle on fuel

    I'd personally if it was me use a BFG AT and maybe consider an air operated locking diff such as an ARB

    if if your still getting stuck you might want to think about what your really asking of your truck and consider whether it's the right tool for the job

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    I have MTs. I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of noise on the road. Frankly, they have made next to no difference to the mpg and I would no longer consider ATs.

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    I've always run AT's but this time have gone for the STT Pro's and have to say that the road rumble is no real difference to the General Grabbers I had last and they do the job off road,well worth a look............

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    Dont think your really going to notice a big difference in off road performance from mt and at unless your doing lots of serious off roading (really muddy shitty stuff)
    Also whats the vehicle? My little old vitara goes most places in 2wd that my ranger pick up could only do in 4wd. Diff lock and low ratio is a must too imo

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