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    Hi guys ,
    just a quick heads up ,I have just been through Windhoek airport with 3 rifles ,its the 4th time in 2 years normally with no problems ,this time the police lady checking serial numbers saw my moderators .
    What is that she asked ? I explained.....

    she replied ,oh for sound .....silencers are not allowed .... I explained again ....

    when questioned why she replied we need to know where the shot comes from , they were temporary confiscated apparently its law .

    The poor police lady when quizzed by my self and the PH after surrendering them couldn't give us a good reason or show us in writing ,a senior officer attended and said its no problem you just need a fax from there chief of police takes 2 to 4 hours if he is around or by prior application from the outfitter ........very frustrated we excepted and were about to move on when 2 German chaps opened there gun cases, low and behold both moderated rifles and they were allowed to proceed ,we then re quizzed the officer whom replied THEY GOT LUCKY .......
    Where I hunt the owner is a lawyer and got straight on the trail with the chief of police who confirmed it is law and has been for many years ,but the police officers normally don't bother as many hunters use them ???.again couldn't produce any paperwork to back this up this is still being followed up.
    Anyway the end result is leave the moderators in the bag (don't high light them ) and you should be fine normally I put them in with the ammunition box which they never check but this time they were with rifles ,
    guessing she was having a bad day .
    On collection when I left the officers whom returned them said the police lady was wrong and she should not have taken them .......ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    but that's Africa !!!!!

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    that's Africa
    I was entering Tanzania and in the queue to show my yellow fever certificate
    the guy in front had no certificate certificate no entry to the country ...that's final ....or you can buy one of me for $50

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    I was entering Tanzania and in the queue to show my yellow fever certificate
    Had this arriving at MM Airport, Lagos, Nigeria in 2012. I didn't have a Yellow Fever Certificate.

    So the usual crap if you don't have one you'll have to be quarantined or you can pay me XX. "Oh", says I, "I wasn't aware I needed one, but if you like to quarantine me you can, I'd just point out I have an appointment at the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos tomorrow, and here's a letter from David Cameron about it, and YOU might care to explain why I now can't make it".

    That resulted in a "They'll be no problem, Sir, that's alright. Don't worry about it."
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