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Thread: What would you have taken??

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    What would you have taken??

    Went out for a look around my bit of ground this evening - just took binoculars and no rifle - to be honest haven't space in the freezer and too much on to butcher a beast at the moment. I am only going to take a couple out over the next few months.

    My ground is mixed farmland next to heavily wooded valleys which are a local nature reserve. Over the winter had n't seen anything out - just presume everything stayed in the woods.

    Was getting a bit dispondent as nothing was showing - I covered quite quickly all the best places, and then in my favourite spot in the last five minutes of day light saw a big Roe Buck thrashing a tree on the edge of the wood - good head out of velvet and obviously quite an old beast - walkng head low like an old man, plus followed by two quite small bucks still in velvet - assume they are yearlings.

    Then big dog fox - size of a small labrador comes trotting out past the bucks - now twenty yards in the field and potters towards me along the tramline feeding on worms and gets to within twenty yards before he sees me and saunters back off to the wood.

    It would have been a real dilemma which to take - the fox, one of the yearling bucks or the old boy. I think I will leave the old boy to do his job this year and put his head on the wall later on, but then he may well be blocking younger beasts coming in, but then one of the wee beasties would make good venison now but it could grow inot a good beast, but then I would earn good browny points taking out the fox, particularly as there are lambs in the next door field?

    Thank heavens it was just an academic dilemma!

    Answers on a post card please.

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    Sounds like the perfect case for an uzi 9mm!!!!!!
    My thoughts are that the bucks will be there again (hopefully) so I would be tempted to take the fox and keep the farmer happy. A happy farmer is the best way to securing more land from his farming mates!

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    ....i am with andy. It might also be that you could have got a second shot and nailed one of the lads.


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    Fox, no doubt about it, I take the buggers every time. You will never shoot them out, been trying for years


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    Same as everyone else fox first you never know moderated rifle and the yearling might have moved just a little or just looked where the fox was, you then could have had a very good evening by taking 1 fox & 1 yearling.


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    same here
    fox first , then if a buck or yearling stood long enough for a shot then you could start your dilema all over again

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    Got to be the old boy if he's as ancient as you say he is - they don't get to be old by being seen to often, and chances are you might not pick him up again. Yearlings you can take just about any time. As for the fox - depends on you feel about him. With a decent moderator chances are you'd take both as long as you go for charlie first (they don't hang around).

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    Hi 300wsm

    You must be a very skilled hunter to shoot a fox at 200-300 yds whilst running,does that include a couple of forward rolls and a dive into a ditch I thought only Bruce Willis could do that

    I have enough problems lying down using a bipod.


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