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Thread: Portable / telescopic high seats

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    Portable / telescopic high seats

    Hi gents poking for some opinions on the telescopic high seats ? Any experiences good or bad ? Seen some on ebay from A1 decoy ....
    Atb jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    I use a couple, and given it's a light weigh portable seat, it's very stable, although I'm not shooting long distances with it.

    I'm not keen on the strap they supply, so use it to keep the seat back up, and use a better strap to support the ladder/seat.

    Good VFM if you need something temporary, and easy to move.

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    I got one from mereside on here and I love it , ground local very public dodo t like leaving it ... Adjustable front rail for shooting height ...
    Not as solid as others but folks a gap for those don't want to leave a seat out it want option of moving it


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