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Thread: Northern Shooting Show Feedback?

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    Northern Shooting Show Feedback?

    Anyone been today?

    Thinking of going in the morning but not sure, thought I would see what people thought. Is there a good range of stands with stuff to look at, offers and entertainment etc?


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    just like any other show same gun dealers making there rounds the circuit of shows but a different venue.

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    im 29 and I felt like the youngest there!

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    i went today. I just bought a few reloading bits. Same as usual. Its not as big as the 'british shooting show'
    I did feel like one of the youngest there at age 29!

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    If your after air soft or air rifles it's worth a look otherwise stop at home.
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    As ever, I wonder if you guys went to the same show I did! I had a cracking day and never got beyond Hall 1. It just goes to show some people are never satisfied. No queues but we'll attended, truly shooting focussed, reasonably priced entry and good quality catering, an attractive venue that's easy to get to, no security issues, lots of exhibitors large and small, lots of shooting opportunities, demos of gun engraving and stocking, a chance to meet and talk with the Yorkshire firearms licensing team. I could go on. If you are in two minds about going tomorrow, don't be: GO. If shooting is your thing - and if you're on here that seems likely - you'll have a better day than Stoneleigh or Ragley can offer you , and I like both.
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