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Thread: Tikka t3 stock- green

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    Tikka t3 stock- green

    I have a tikka t3 stock for sale. Bought it with the plan of having a standard stock for my T3 CTR for hunting due the the CTR having a different magazine and bottom metal. Plan was to use a 3 round mag to keep it more compact. Well bough the stock, sanded, primed and painted in matt green Krylon paint. It does have a few skallw scrapes under the paint.

    Went to fit it the CTR only to find that the barrel is too fat for the channel. I thought as it was not a heavy varmint barrel I would get away with it but it is thicker then the hunter so is a no go, unless i spend a while opening it up.

    The stock was originally off a .22-250 and I presure a hunter profile instead of a varmint given the barrel channel.

    Have decided to save for a custom stock on the rifle/ berserk GRS and continue using the original until then.

    Will sell it for 50 posted which is not much for something different.

    If wanted i could respray in a tan as also have tan matt paint.

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    Open to offers.

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