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    The itchM

    Ok, the last week my teckel has been itching around his chest and stomach like mad.
    Hes been recently fleed and wormed. I'm unsure if it's pollen it appears slightly inflamed not lumps etc I feel sorry for him any ideas.

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    Irritation to grass? Stinging nettles are up at the minute but that often affects their pads as well. I'd bet it's grass usually looks red, blotchy and sore a bit like baby nappy rash

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    Could be mites, or the start of wet eczema, if the dog is itching a particular spot then watch for flesh wound all sticky mess, see my thread for wet eczema , my bet is mites, or fleas, comb his coat through with a tight comb and you might get a suprise !!.

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    Foot master with violet from nettex

    Buy in harbo stores made by nettex

    Brother uses on his dogs for scrapes n general itchy bits cuts etc

    Footmaster Spray - 500ml | Animal Medicine and Health

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    I'm certain now it's pollen. Also I reckon his chest wasn't itchy it was his paws that were itchy which he was itching his paws against his chest. His chest has no signs of irritation. The odd Piriton works.

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