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Thread: Do you NEED signed permission?

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    Do you NEED signed permission?

    A friend of mine has an open cert and is due renewal, he has verbal permission to shoot rabbits on a farm (he only has a .22lr) but the FEO is refusing to process his renewal and threatening him with having to put his rifle in storage without a signed permission letter. He has given the FEO the name address and phone number for the farmer (who is a shotgun cert holder so is known to the FLD and the farm has been cleared for CF use) but the FEO is still demanding a signed letter.

    He could get hold of a letter if really needed but due to the attitude of the FEO he would rather stick to his guns (pardon the pun).

    So, does it state anywhere in the HO gudance that written SIGNED permission is required?

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    Strangely I was having this conversation with my FEO on Friday morning He strongly advises obtaining written permission wherever possible
    A couple of years ago I obtained (verbal) permission from a farmer for rabbiting on his ground When the FLO visited to pass the ground as safe the farmer had never heard of me!
    Fortunately this was merely a case of lack of communication between father and son but a letter would have been useful
    Eventually I will get to the point - No I don't think it does

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    Not law but it would clearly save you a lot of hassle. Write the letter for the land owner and then get him to sign it. 2 seconds out of his day!

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    I know it is easier and for all of mine I do have written permission but in this instance he has a letter but no signature on it yet and no way of getting a signature for a couple of weeks as the farmer is away on holiday (in the UK) but is happy to speak tot he FEO. From looking on the HO guidance it says written permission may be necessary but no mention of a signature. It should have been all sorted a few weeks ago but my friend being a bit naive didn't realise that he needed any written permission as he has an open cert and was only asked by the FEO on his renewal visit.

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    In the unhappy event of some form of accident or injury, I would reckon shooting insurance would be a lot smoother in dealing, with a signed permit to shoot.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    He will have a signed letter in the next two weeks just not before his current cert runs out. What I am trying to find out is does he heed a signature for the sole basis of his renewal.

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    Simple answer is no, if it is his main permission then he only needs to give the owners name, address and species permitted to hunt, some landowners don,t want to put things in writing.
    get BASC or who ever he is with to call his FEO and tell him to wind his neck in.

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    BASC have a standard form that you can download and use,just have to get the farmer to sign, makes it all look official and saves lot of agro

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    I use the 646 form - download from your forces website and filled out in minutes
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Last time I renewed all I did was fill in the contact details on the form.
    Expect I could get the land owners permission in writing for the farms I shoot but not needed. All they will do is ring the contact on the form and check with them.
    Might be different for an application.

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