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Thread: Pcp air rifle

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    Pcp air rifle

    Hi guys I'm thinking of getting an air rifle in fac. Have any of you guys got any experience with these or am I wasting my time?
    Regards Dan

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    PCP air rifle

    My standard AirArms s410 PCP has served me fine for many years.
    What do you need a FAC PCP for?
    Based on my experience, you'll get a brand new.22 FAC rim fire a lot cheaper than any 'decent' PCP air rifle.

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    I got one about 30 years ago, a falcon FN19. Its still going strong without any hassle over the years. Its a fac .22 version. Its so easy to shoot and accurate, usually putting pellets into a ragged hole at 35m. The only draw back with them is being "tied" to the divers bottle

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    I got a Falcon FN19 about 30 years ago. Its a .22 FAC model and has worked without trouble during this time. I got mine to shoot rabbits around some of the farm buildings where I didnt want to risk using .22lr. The only draw back with them is being "tied" to the divers bottle. They are so easy to shoot and often this one will put pellet on top of pellet at 35m. They are great to coach youngsters with, because they are recoilless it's so teaching follow through and other points. Recently I was to "teach" a young lad how to shoot. He had his cheap springer and after a few tips his group size had more than halved. Then I fired 1 shot with mine. I then told him to shoot my pcp and to aim at the hole I had just made, he was so impressed with himself when he done it.
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    I have an FN12, I don't use the bottle but have a pump.
    few minutes and its full

    comically accurate
    I zero at 33yds and it is as above a ragged hole

    I suspect I will go FAC if the Scottish Nazi Party get their way
    its a simple alteration on the Falcon but to be fair the range i need it for it has plenty of energy for corvids and the occasional bunny foolish enough to be inside 40-50 yds

    agree on the above about buying one though
    a cheap .22lr can be under £200
    a high end FAC air can be double or more and then you have the bottles etc

    I have one listed in the classifieds that my mate got rid of
    RWS scimitar with all the gear, wants £400 for the lot

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    Without doubt there is a place for fac air , I have a .25 running at around 50ftlbs super accurate , same range as a .22lr with subs and none of the worry about ricochet , yes more expensive than a .22lr to buy but in my opinion more versatile.

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    The old Theoben (pronounced Toyben) Rapid seven I owned, running @ 29ft lbs would do bunnies better than my CZ .22LR.
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    I tried a PCP and was stunned. Amazed. Half inch groups at 25 yards were a disappointment as quarter inch groups were the usual. Mine are BSA Scorpion T10 in .177 and .22. The accuracy if your youth was springer air rifles is unbelievable. Both mine are sub 12ft/lbs. But pellet selection is all and more than any other weapon you must try several types of pellet. Some will be awful, most very acceptable but one or two marques exceptional. With some marques on .177 you even get pellets at 4.50mm, 4.51mm and 4.52mm.

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    I've got a Air Arms 510 extra FAC which has adjustable power out put fitted as standard. I find this is handy when shooting in barns and chicken sheds as you don't get the collateral damage that you would with a .22 RF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    The old Theoben (pronounced Toyben)
    thats interesting
    thought it was named after the two founders, Theo and Ben?

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