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Thread: 303 rifle

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    303 rifle

    Hi all ,

    I want a 303 either a enfield or bsa rifle in my collection what have you tucked away.

    send pm with any forsale.

    regards chris

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    Give Lew Potter a call
    Kind Regards

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    You may well know, but in case there's the odd one you aren't aware of, the usual suspects, dealer-wise that sell Enfields include:

    Highwood Classic Arms, Arundel Militaria (mostly deactivated stuff, but usually a fair selection of intact rifles too), EFD Rifles - good kit for top dollar it seems, MFL Classic Firearms and Bolt Open Classics, who often have a few in and seem to price them pretty keenly for a dealer.

    Of course they all will want to make a few shillings and the prices will reflect that. There's always the Gunstar or Guntrader route, you might see something to suit there.

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    There is one on page 3 . Sean1234
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    Try Adam at Pukka Bundhooks

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    Pukka Bundhooks - have to save that link. Thanks, dodgyrog!

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    Try Chris Watts at Lucas and Watts Gunsmiths - they are a passion of his
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    I have a Lee Enfield No4. Mk2 Fazakerley 7/49 (July 1949)
    All matching numbers
    This rifle was part of a batch shipped back from storage in South Africa by Peter Sarony of Armalon.

    Pm me if your interested and I'll email you some more details and some pics.

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