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Thread: A Bit confused about scope mounting options.

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    A Bit confused about scope mounting options.

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry if I'm missing the obvious...

    Is there a scope mounting system where you can remove the scope from the rifle and put it back at a later time and it be pretty close to being back on zero where it was before? Is this what picatinny rails are for?

    The reason I ask is that I've built myself a little night vision do dar but getting the eye relief right is a real pain. Was thinking about getting a cheaper nikko-sterling and permanently mounting the NV thing to it and then having a different scope for day use. Is there a way in which I can merrily swap between the two without having to spend ages on the range each time to make sure it's spot on? (It would be for an HMR or 22lr where of course recoil is not an issue if that makes a difference to things)

    Oh and if it also makes a difference, this would be on a CZ 455 or an old BRNO probably.

    Thanks, hope you're all enjoying the weather!
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    Yes, look for QR or QD mounts. I'm trying to get my mitts on a set up for one of the Sakos, but ITAR is getting in the way of importing at a decent price from the US...

    Leupold and Tally seem to be well respected, and you'll not need a rail to mount them if they produce bases for your rifle.

    This weather is nuts - snowing in South Bucks 10 days ago, and the paddling pool out now :-)
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    In theory, if you use them as below, the standard swing off Redfeld/Leupold type will. But as the above poster says these new Picatinny sort will work. Historically the best mounts with a true quick detach have been continental claw mounts and Holland and Holland sidemounts or the American Griffin & Howe or Paul Jaeger sidemounts.

    With the Redfiled/Leupold type you basically glue in place the left hand turning screw. So that it now becomes a stop and not moveable. Then when you turn it off the next time you turn it back in you replace it and turn the right hand turning screw all the way in and the job is done. Well...that's the theory!

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