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Thread: Muntjac trophy

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    Muntjac trophy

    Boiled it out tonight, will get it measured soon looks promising! ! Rough guess is it will make 65 + points
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    Just roughly measured to 66 points will take to officials at midland game fair for conformation !

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    I hope Mrs Waggy didn't catch you resting that on the kitchen worktops

    Well done, BTW, that looks to be a very nice muntjac
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Make sure that us know how you get on. If it's a medal then I suspect that I have one in the garage too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    Make sure that us know how you get on. If it's a medal then I suspect that I have one in the garage too?
    It will definitely be a Good gold as its a piece bigger than one ive had measured already thats is a gold , pictures don't do it justice its beams are13.5cm &14cm long span is 14.5 & there thick too !

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    How do you score a munty guys? just so I can get a rough idea to see if its worth while putting in to be scored?

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    1 inside span between main beams
    2 Length of main Beam A and B
    3 Length of brow tine A and B
    4 Circumference of coronet A and B
    5 Circumference of antler at mid distance up beam A and B

    Then add 1 plus A plus B then minus differences on 2 through to 5

    So if left beam is 12 and right beam is 12.5 added makes 24.5 less difference of .5 = 24

    Add span plus other 4 measurements after adjustment gives you total

    My gold from Nov 13

    1 Span 11.0
    Main beam A 12.5 B 12.3 Difference 0.2
    Brow tine A 1.8 B 2.4 Diff 0.6
    Coronet A 10.5 B 10.7 Diff 0.1
    Antler at Mid A 5.1 B 5.1 Diff 0.0
    So span 11 + Left 30.2 Plus Right 30.5 Less total Diff 0.9

    = 70.8

    IO had scored it at 69.5 so its pretty easy to get close to the pro guys

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