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Thread: Euro carp in Australia

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    Could they not be harvested for food like the monks used to do.The eastern europeans love them and are a Christmas day special for them so surely there,s a market to freeze and export them in vast quantitys
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    They are not the same iain,these are what we call grass carp everyone bought them to eat weed/algae in lakes ponds ,,but like everything else they outgrow their enviroment plus as they get bigger their eating habits change,and because they can breed quicker than natives and like **** water they thrive and explode then there is nothing left for the natives to eat,,,the yanks are eating them but most get caught for fish food/fertlizer,,,,,atb doug,

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    The close-up of the fish in the article suggests it is a Common Carp, not a Grass Carp

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    I think the Kiwis have an answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    The close-up of the fish in the article suggests it is a Common Carp, not a Grass Carp
    Correct jto sorry the pic shows commons,i hadn,t clicked the link as i thought they where on about eurasian carp like the yanks are plagued with,but the same again the ausies will end up with rivers like the ebro in spain ,nowt but cats/carp,

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    If only they tasted as good as the Redfin (English Perch) another introduced pest fish we have.
    As John says the European Carp are a very real problem and need drastic action to even put a dent in the population.
    Fishermen have been targeting the Redfin here for a very long time and there's been no downwards trend in the population even though it is one of our tastiest freshwater fish.
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    John I remember fishing on the Murray river for the carp when I was working in Mildura many moons ago .

    I was amazed at the size and numbers of fish i would catch each evening sitting on the little wooden pontoons.

    Very evasive species, like all the others that were released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    Very evasive species, like all the others that were released.
    Really, so how did you catch any


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