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Thread: Penta - Honest and reliable!

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    Penta - Honest and reliable!

    I recently did a deal with a member of The Stalking Directory which involved taking a bit of a chance and putting a lot of trust in someone that I had never met and knew very little about. (I do not think it would be right to go into detail). I just want to say that Penta (Neil) proved that he is a truly honest man and stands perfectly good and true to his word.
    When there is so much dishonesty surrounding us all in this world we live in today it is refreshing to find that when you put trust in someone from The Stalking Directory the trust you put in them is well placed.
    Thank you Neil, I am honoured that we can (And I hope always will be able to) class each other as good and trustworthy friends!


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    Makes a pleasant change to read a post like this, well done the both of you.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I have also had dealings with Penta on here and found him to be a really good and honest chap, definitely one of the good guys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Makes a pleasant change to read a post like this, well done the both of you.

    You're quite right John, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and use a bit of trust. In this case I am really glad I did!

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    I have had recent dealings with two other chaps off here (not Penta) and had no issues whatsoever and would recommend them both.
    Could there be a slot made somewhere for "POSITIVE" feedback to assist others in future?
    No negative comments allowed sticking to the old saying, "if you've nothing good to say say nothing!" so it doesn't get into a slanderous slagging match.

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    Thank you pete, your one of the good guys on here. And oh !! Happy birthday .

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    Hi That's the way it should be. Well done gents.

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