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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    Hi all, im hoping someone can let me have a muntie buck head. Not after a medal or anything but just an antlered skull . I have a mate who is a countryside ranger and have supplied him with a fallow, roe and red which are seen locally but am looking for a muntie for him. He takes them into schools and educates the youngsters on the local wildlife and the heads he has creates lot of interest among the children. I have been promised a sika head , which have been seen in the area, and just need a muntie to complete all the species that can be found in the area ( or will be very shortly ). My mate is pro stalking and does a good job with the kids, who knows some of them may be future members of this site. Obviously i will pay carriage.
    Thank you in advance


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    I cant help im afraid, but when I was after a skull for a friends kids school I wasnt short of offers from here, Im sure someone will be along soon

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    I have a selection of munty heads that might do the trick if there's no-one closer. I have the tails as well if they are of any use?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Hi Tony,

    I have one or two kicking about the workshop, give me a bell an I will sort it for you.



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    All sorted, thank you.

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