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Thread: BBC forces withdrawal of Paxman article on the Eu...

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    BBC forces withdrawal of Paxman article on the Eu...

    Not only do the Stay campaign get 9m of public money to fund leaflets, now the BBC has pulled an article that was less than positive about the Eu.

    Info here

    BBC pressure leads Paxman to bin article criticising EU | | The Times The Sunday Times


    It is not easy to muzzle a journalistic pitbull but Jeremy Paxman has withdrawn an article critical of the European Union from a forthcoming issue of Radio Times after coming under pressure from the BBC.

    The article was commissioned by the magazine to coincide with Paxman in Brussels, a BBC1 documentary about the EU presented by Paxman and due for transmission on May 19.

    Typically pugnacious, Paxman expressed doubts about the EU, its bureaucracy and, in particular, the loss of Britain’s sovereignty.

    While he stopped short of advocating Brexit, Paxman’s strongly expressed views raised concern that the impartiality of his documentary could be compromised


    The "News" programmes are all pro Eu? We are being manipulated.

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    I hope they screen it on the net or something - they must be scared o something

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    What with the government spending public money on a biased opinion, and over spending the allotted budget. And now a publicly financed and supposedly unbiased broadcasting company forcing it's views on the public this referendum is rapidly becoming fraudulent.
    It's reaching the stage where the brexit voters could simply refuse to accept an "in" vote due to the shenanigans of some official and public body's.

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    bbc have never been 'unbiased' lefty tree-hugger s******s
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