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Thread: Wanted BSA Supersport 5 bolt.

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    Wanted BSA Supersport 5 bolt.

    I know it's a long shot but I am looking for a bolt for a BSA Supersport 5 (.22LR) The ejector claw on mine is worn on and it is not ejecting live rounds properly - It's fine with rounds that have been fired and only a problem when I am unloading a live round from the chamber of the rifle at the end of a shoot or getting over fences or gates etc.
    If anyone has one spare or knows of anywhere that I can get one please let me know.
    Cash waiting!

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    try this.

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    FrenchieBoy you would probably need a variation to purchase an additional bolt as its a pressure bearing part. If you are certain that the ejector claw needs replacing why don't you simply contact John Knibbs as he's the guy to speak to regarding old BSA rifles and spares.

    If it is only unfired rounds that you are having difficulty extracting it may be that your chamber is simply dirty or that the rounds you are shooting are just that bit tight in the chamber and a change of ammunition will make the problem go away. Anschutz rifles have a reputation for this problem with some brands of .22 ammunition due to the tight target style chambers of these rifles. Why not try giving your rifle a good clean first and if that fails try some different ammo.
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    I know what you are saying but I have carefully scoured and cleaned the chamber. I have stripped the bolt and the claws are definitely worn. I suspect that they grip a fired round as it has expanded a fraction.
    As things stand I have just managed to locate some spares so the crisis/dilemma is now over.
    Many thanks to those that looked and took the time to reply and try to help.

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