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Thread: Electronic ear defenders

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    Electronic ear defenders

    Looking for a pair of electronic ear defenders for range work,what is the best to get?

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    I'm quite happy with my Peltor Sportac's
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    I use Peltor Protac II for the rifle-range. Sportac I use with shotguns.

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    I just bought a set of Protacs (not sure which model) from tikka2506 here on the forum

    They are simply brilliant

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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    I'm quite happy with my Peltor Sportac's

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    I'm on my second set of Sportacs. In the main these are light, comfortable and deaden sound well.

    The first set were returned after they started eating batteries after a particularly wet day at clays. Tried to dry out but eventually gave up and returned for replacement.

    2nd set did the same after another soaking. Still doing the same after a month in the airing cupboard so now I just take the batteries out after use.

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    Sportacs here too. I have a pair of non electronic ones for wet days.

    I love them, my dad has the same too.

    On noisy indoor ranges I double up with plugs underneath and turn the volume right up.

    The wire has split on mine though, so if anyone has a dead pair I could salvage parts off I'd appreciate it.

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    Sportac again. Messed around with cheap ones but not much good, better to get a good pair from the offset. Even the military have started buying Peltors similar to the Sportac now for their ranges.

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    Sordin pro extreme ��
    Regards pete

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    I use a pair of MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X for clay shooting and loading and find them extremely comfortable to wear all day and quiet. Being electronic they have the advantage that you can still have a conversation with someone when back from the range and still remain protected and turn them down/switch them off when on the firing line to avoid any distractions. Some people wear the foam ear plugs underneath for added protecting but I've never found the need. Make sure you get the gel inserts instead of the standard foam ones as they are much more comfortable and form a better seal round the ear especially if you wear glasses.

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