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Thread: Interesting Malform

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    Interesting Malform

    I was out the other night after a large buck which had eluded me the week before. I stalked very slowly and carefully down a gap between some whin bushes until I had a clear view of the strip of gamecrop where I expected to see some deer. Nothing in sight when I got there but it was early enough, 7.30pm , so I made myself comfortable and settled down to wait.
    Just enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside, the time passed pretty quickly and at 8.15 a group of three, a buck and two does came trotting out from the bushes about 75 yards to my left and headed for the gamecrop.
    The buck was a young beast but showed great potential so he was being left for a few years.
    I amused myself watching them grazing in the gamecrop and working closer to me and eventually one of the does wandered straight towards me and at about 10 yards range decided the discretion was the better part of valour and the whole party hopped it , not in any great hurry, back into the bushes.
    At this point I decided to reposition slightly closer to the wood at the far end where I expected the buck that I was after to make an appearance. I moved out into the open as it was getting a bit darker now and sat with my back against a tree with the rifle on the tall bipod.
    Sure enough at exactly 9.00pm I picked up a movement in the wood and here was the big buck thrashing away at trees and generally intimating that he was the lord of the manor.
    He come out into the gamecrop and I waited until he turned broadside on and squeezed off a 55gr 22-250 at about 150 yards. He dropped on the spot and when I went forward he turned out to be a very interesting malform. He made exactly 40lb on the scales and was in excellent condition with layers of fat.Attachment 69970Attachment 69971

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    very nice, I would like to see it once you have finished the trophy.

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    Interesting 'head-gear' - prefering 'oddities' I too await the finished article.


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    Look forward to seeing it finished. A very nice trophy, well done. FM.

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    Managed to get the head cleaned up and photographed over the last few days.
    It weighs 560gms at the moment so it may make some sort of a medal eventually.Attachment 70000Attachment 70001Attachment 70002

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    interesting head i have a buck on my perm with strange looking head not been able to get a shot at him yet but will try again this week

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    An Outstanding Trophy, Congratulations.

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    Cracking old head with great pearling and a malformation caused, I'd assume by damage to the left antler in velvet. Perfect!

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    If you look at the cleaned head it shows a tearing away of the tine and some of the beam through a 90 degree angle backwards whilst the antlers were still in velvet. As velvet has the greatest blood supply in the body just kept growing through the top attachment.

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    Had the head measured at Scone today and it made 110 points so an average bronze.

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