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Thread: .308 Copper bullet advice required.

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    Question .308 Copper bullet advice required.

    All right then, seeking advice from actual users on the presently confusing situation of Copper missiles for home loading a .308.

    My requirement would be, for Fallow, Roe and Muntjac out to 150yds maximum in woodland.

    Actual personal experiences only please!

    Thanks in advance

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    Can't speak for .308 but i'm using Barnes TSX in my .270 with great effect.

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    Have nothing but positive results in 30 06 with Barnes tsx and ttsx
    great knock down power with minimal damage
    regards pete

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    I've been experimenting with 110gr ttsx in my .308 they are very accurate and have killed Fallow, Sika, Roe, Muntjac and Fox in comparison to the 123gr sako I also use, they are no more or less dead in the end, from personal experience they are running a little farther when shot with the ttsx. Keep the weight down and the speed up!

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    Go for 130gr TTSX, FL size case 47.5gr of N140 and about 45 thou off the lands. Obviously you need to work up the powder charge but that will be about right, seating depth will also make a difference so you will need to play with that, get it just up over 3000fps and you will be there or there abouts.

    With regards to knockdown power/effect, you have less room for error in my opinion than lead but they are very good bullets if shot placement is good.

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    130g TTSX for me with 46g H4895 gives me 3000fps out of my 20 inch barrel 308 win. I have shot perhaps 20 or so roe with this load and have only had one that took a step (well 5 steps to be honest!). I have seen excellent expansion on deer and fox and use this bullet as first choice wherever I am permitted to use home loads. I have carried the same load when after reds but have not had the opportunity to draw blood on the larger species but have no doubt at all that it will work. I understand that Barnes have just brought out a 130g TTSX load under the vor-tx euro label.

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    I have used 150gr GMX (factory Superperformance) on H&L Fallow and both H&L and neck shot roe with success.

    Have been currently loading 130gr TTSX and have neck shot one fallow with an earlier load running at 2890fps-ish.

    Have just discovered another load which is memorably 3.08 grammes of H335. That is averaging 3018fps and unless I find better is what I will be using.

    Hornady have announced a 125gr GMX which should be good.

    I have posted this before...

    This is the load data for .308W 130gr TTSX, as yet (Dec 2015) unpublished, that I received from Barnes.

    NB. I have altered this document from the .pdf I received. I spotted a typo (confirmed by Barnes) on the case length and have adjusted it to SAAMI spec. I have also added the warning/disclaimer from their email and the S.D. and B.C. figures gleaned from elsewhere.

    Barnes have reduced the COAL to 2.785" in this chart. I found the advantage is that it brings the case mouth onto the full size section between the first two grooves/canelures. The standard 2.810" brings the case mouth to the top end of the middle groove.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	130gr TTSX edited AE.pdf 
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Size:	141.9 KB 
ID:	69995

    A number of threads already on here if you do a

    Barnes ttsx data for .308

    Advice wanted on copper bullets and ammunition

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    Thanks, so far guys, much to read.

    Currently running 150gn Sierra 2125's over 45.7gn. N150.

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    Brenneke do a copper core bullet. But they also do a tin cored partition bullet. BillH on here and I have just taken delivery of some to try.

    More reading for you!


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    I cull 4 species of deer with my .308 Win. There was a time when I was using these polymer tip bullets (SST's etc), the bullets are very effective (head and neck shots) but if you need to take a broadside shot the meat damage is horrendous! the blood bruising travels along way from site of impact along with the exit side!

    I now use a slow 180 grain Sierra Game King (Boat tailed). These bullets are doing roughly 2500 fps, I don't need to push them hard as most of my shots are up to 200M. The exit hole is much smaller with minimum bruising.

    I think at the end of the day it all depends on what you do with the carcass afterwards, the dealer may or may not deduct if its shredded badly with broadside impacts. On the other hand, if your selling private and receiving a good price you want the carcass to be presented in the best way possible.

    In summary, the bullet performs well in my Sako 85 and they are easy to get hold of. My load session the other day produced a 0.4 inch group at 100 yards with that bullet.

    These are my experiences.


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