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Thread: CZ .223 Ebony Edition

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    CZ .223 Ebony Edition

    Hi. I've recently put in for a .223 slot with my FAC renewal and would appreciate views on this rifle and specifically experience of owners with the combination of Bavarian stock shape (I've never owned a rifle with this type of stock) and its compatibility with various sized scopes bearing in mind the intended use. I've also read that the bolt handle doesn't leave much room for clearance with some scopes. I wouldn't want to take an angle grinder to a pretty rifle like this.

    Use will mainly be medium range (100-150 yds: my definition (possibly not yours ) and what I'm currently comfortable with) on fox, rabbits, crows.

    I already have .22LR, .243 and 30-06 plus various shotguns so feel this could fill a relatively small gap in my battery.



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    Hi Jonathan, I can't answer as to the stock feel and application but I have the same action/barrel combination in my CZ527 Kevlar. I chose this because of the all weather nature of the stock material and the fact that it is, effectively, pillar bedded on an alloy block. I have been very pleased with the accuracy of the gun shooting both 55 and 69's out to 600 yds given the calibre and its performance relative to other members using Tikka T3 and Howa's. Not quite as accurate as my Southern gun straight pull with a heavy fluted match barrel. The build quality isn't fantastic and the trigger action in the standard setting, even after adjustment is a bit gritty, on the set trigger position though it is very good given the price point. As to the bolt/ocular bell clearance this is an issue. I have a Nikon Monarch 3 on the rifle and I have to take the lens cover off to thread and operate the bolt and it is tight. That bell is 44mm and wider than that you will either be marking the scope or getting the grinder out. If you have to do this to suit a particular scope get a gunsmith to do it, not that you couldn't easily do it with basic workshop equipment but if it is a new gun it would be nice to refit it properly blued!

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    Again, don't have the Ebony but have the 527 varmint relocated into a Boyd's stock. Trigger needs a little work as the standard unit is a little heavy and has a little drag, but I've shot worse (like my Ruger with it's "Lawyer inspired" trigger!). It's reasonably accurate too but possibly not quite up to Sako 85/Tikka T3 accuracy. It is a lovely action though, very robustly made and will last many years. Scope clearance can be a slight pain but only when the bolt is removed for cleaning. I have a Nightforce scope atop and the handle snags the lens cover when removing the bolt. There is a partial cure which is to use the Kozap one piece QR mounts which raise the scope up a little. The only downside is that it results in a 2.1 inch scope height with 30mm rings, and that limits elevation when zeroing compared with lower scope settings, so bear that in mind.

    Given an opportunity to start with a clean slate, I think that I would opt for a T3 in 223. Everything about it is just that little bit better in use and the new T3x lifts the bar further. The Ebony is a pretty rifle though.

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    I have the 527 American which is a straight stocked version and I'm very happy with it.

    I would say the Bavarian stock shape isn't wonderful for scope mounting (Had one on my Brno Model 2-E and swapped it for a straight Boyd's)


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    Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated and lots to think about. I've looked at both the Varmint and the American, both of which I also like so good to hear the feedback on those. No great rush because I gather my renewal may take some time to come through (Kent).

    Thanks again


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    I've got a 550 with the ebony stock. I can send some piccys if you want. I think it's a beauty of a stock and I really like it. However, I think the stock better suits shooting off hand and for shooting off sticks and when shooting prone or off a bipod it's a little awkward which actually suits me nicely as this is mostly for woodland stalking.
    I happen to also have a 527 american which I have a 50mm scope on. There is a fari bit of clearence to bolt handle so I think I could mount a 42mm scope tight to the bore. My 527 is ridiculously accurate in 17 hornet with no modifications, but I also like the fact that it would be easy to pillar bed the action if there was any problem in that department as it's got a nice recoil lug and flat surfaces.
    Hope that helps

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    The ‘Ebony’ is certainly the prettiest model of the CZ527 range, but it’s rarely encountered & only has a 3-shot capacity if that matters. It’s the one I gave serious thought to, but there was only one model in the American LH for me. The protruding magazine is ugly.

    The cheapest model to buy new in RH or LH is the ‘Lux’ with the long barrel & iron sights, which also has the same hogs-back stock. There are many more of these around as it’s the standard European style, and there are lots of older originals bearing the old BRNO name. Owners of these can give you an honest opinion of that style of stock.

    I’ve found the American ‘classic-style’ stock with minimum drop to be the best design for modern use with a ‘scope, but it’s still too low to get my cheekbone on to. All the standard ‘low’ mounts whether CZ, Warne, Millet, and Leupold are really medium height designed for the CZ bolt handle clearance problem.

    This link makes the comparisons & options a bit clearer ….

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    Hi jonathan i have a ebony Edition in 222 very accurate good wood it is a nice rifle.

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    Got an Exclusive Ebony 527 edition in .223. Lovely piece of kit, walnut and blued steel, looking forward to a big event tomorrow morning resulting in two or three less crows and maggies at my place. Full report to follow.

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    Thanks for the CZ link Sinistral, useful to see all the various options together. I have a CZ in .22lr with the American stock and find that works quite well.

    Good to hear your experience with the stock J111. If i think about my type of shooting most of it is also actually off hand or using natural rests (fence posts, tree trunks etc) although I do sometimes use a bipod, so not dissimilar to yours. I would certainly like to see some pics of your 550, thank you. I was also thinking of a 42mm scope, something not too big.

    Derek and Vigilaire, how do you find the stock and what scopes do you use?

    Thanks to all again, Jonathan

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