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Thread: Builth Wells Stalking

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    Builth Wells Stalking

    Hello, I have been invited to shoot on an estate in builth wells in wales and was wondering what deer you get around this area? Has anyone had any experience in this area? Muntjac, Roe, or Fallow?


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    James I think you missed the bit about introducing yourself before posting. You will need to speak to your hosts regarding the deer as all three species of deer plus some reds are present in the general area around Builth but in general if you are talking about the New Radnorshire area I believe that roe are possibly the main species stalked.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hello, Thanks for that. That's good to hear, I have been down many times but never taken my rifle so haven't really good looking mainly catching trout and salmon. But will be heading down in the next few weeks and will report back if we have any luck.

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    Hi James. You will really need a LOT of luck. Although there are a few more deer getting around the Builth Wells area they are still in very small numbers. I'd say you would have to travel a long way to see or find any wild red deer, Munties the same too. Fallow are off limits this time of year so your best and only real chance would be to try around the Radnor Forest for a Roe Buck, but again finding someone to take you that has permission is like rocking horse sh++. Good luck anyway.

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    There are a few roe around Radnorshire. Got a few farms there.

    This is one a mate shot while out with me
    Welsh Roebuck a first for me.

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    hi i have lived and shot within 5 miles of Builth all my life ,have to agree with 243 varmint there are a few Roe mostly just passing through .most of the Deer in this area are nearer Herefordshire

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    There's a blast from my past. Not stalking related but I was involved with a road through from Sennibridge to Builth Wells across the ranges while I was in the Royal Engineers. We used to go to the Barley Mow for our bevvie. When the job was finished I used to hitch up to Builth Wells from Longmoor, Hampshireand stayed in the Barley Mow (foc) except booze and I had plenty of that. Eventually posted back to Germany, got married, and never got back. That was over forty years ago. Often wondered how John and Anne Lloyd got on. Used to help him put up marquees outside drinking time.

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