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Thread: Lee pro 1000 9mm

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    Lee pro 1000 9mm

    I'm selling my Lee pro 1000 as I'm not using it anymore. It's in 9mm but could be converted to other caliber eg .357 but I'm not sure how much it would cost to convert. The press itself is in good condition. The 9mm dies are rusty on their exterior but still functioning perfectly and making good ammo. Some idiot before me used a pair of vice grips to tighten the de-capping pin on the f/l sizer but it doesn't really have any affect other than cosmetic. If someone is looking for a cheap progressive press to reload some 9mm you won't do better for the price.
    I'm looking for 80 posted for it and pics can be sent by email but I will try and get a few up here later on.
    Thanks for looking

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    Price drop to 70 posted

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