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Thread: Special price on Spypoint Game Callers

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    Special price on Spypoint Game Callers

    20% off the Spypoint Game Caller Kit - Predator
    50% off additional Roe Deer Soundcard

    Developed for enthusiasts by professionals, this innovative 3-piece sound device will be beneficial to hunters, photographers, naturalists, bird watchers and anyone interested in the great outdoors. The Universal Game Caller features a unique interchangeable sound card system, by simply replacing one sound card with another.

    10 volume control levels
    Up to 120dB
    External 3.5mm audio socket
    Wireless Controller 9included
    1 Sound Card included - five sounds per card Calls - Female Fox in Rut, Mouse Pipe, Bird Distress, Rabbit Distress, Fox Barking
    Amplified Speaker available separately

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    What kind of working ra range do these have please?

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    There are 10 volume control levels, with a volume output up to 120dB.
    The wireless controller can be used approximately 100 metres away from the caller.
    An amplified speaker can be purchased separately which amplifies the volume up to 2x.
    The literature doesn't state how far the sound travels, but Drew has used one at around 100m and it's been effective.
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