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Thread: fixed mag scope

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    fixed mag scope

    Testing the water,i,ll be after a fixed mag scope in next couple of days,just want to know whats out there.

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    s&b 8x56 hungarian 30mm tube no 7 ret any good to you

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    I have a Swarovski 8x56 PF (Habicht)

    Probably the ultimate no frills, general use stalking scope

    for sale in the Forum please have a look.

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    Zeiss diavari 8x56 with illuminated dot in mint condition with box etc.Took it off 2 weeks ago to take pictures and it's still on my desk in my loading room!

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    Sorry guys should have put this down earlier 395 max on bucks as i can pick up a new s and b 8x56 for that price,

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    You must pick your price point, but an S and B Hungarian is not an apples for apples comparison with a Swaro 8 x 56 or a Zeiss diavari 8x56 - just consider the RRPs. But enjoy whatever you choose

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    Now sorted.

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