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Thread: help - setup of Photon NV

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    Unhappy help - setup of Photon NV

    Hello all

    I have fitted my 6.5 Photon onto my 22LR, replacing a lower mag Photon (since sold) which worked perfectly.

    I tried to zero last night and got the windage (x) perfect but ran out of elevation (y)?

    The rifle shoots now 3" too low at 60M now. I am confused as the previous photon, same mount, same pica rail etc setup worked a treat and zeroed fine. Rifle groups fine with same ammo.

    I took it off the mount and refitted it but the same issue.

    Any ideas welcome to try to sort. I used it quickly on the rabbits with holdover but prefer to have it zeroed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same issue. To solve it I placed 3 strips of 35mm negative film under the scope on the rear mount.. Know as "shimming". Jobs a gooden now

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    Adjustable mounts or shim

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    Just bought one from Scott Country today and they recommended Sportsmatch ATP66 adjustable mounts. Might save a fair bit of shimming!

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    when i had one on my annie i fitted a picatinny rail with 20moa,either that or shim it or take the rail off and get the mounts JMH123 recommended for the dovetail rail,unless you can get adjustable mounts for the picatinny rail

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    i posted about this last week....get the atp66 mounts....if you can find them....if not pm me

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    Get them on the bay

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    Thanks everyone, much appreciated. I will look at tomorrow and either remove the pica rail and go sports match mounts or look at a Hawkes droop mount I have since found with weaver mount to fit the rail to adjust / shim advice (thanks again) to address the issue. I will sell the Yukon mount and should be sorted.

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    Will also be trying the 35mm film tape shim first! Thanks

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    I have used a empty coke can in the past cut strips to size, you can even shape it to your mounts.

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