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Thread: short interuption.

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    short interuption.

    Just nipped to the other side of the city this morning on the Transalp, dropped off the item at destination, on returning across the city centre a swarm of police outriders start blocking junctions, usually it's for a crown court judge......... not today, for the second time in my life I was within arms length of HM the Queen......... some nice motors in the cavalcade!.................... must be a strange feeling to just glide through traffic like that.
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    Not to mention having all those uglies gawping at you every time you leave the house. Hats off to her maj. I wouldn't want the job.

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    Youve obviously met Finnbear then...

    No wonder they stopped him 30 mins before she passed One things for sure Finnbear.. they would have seen you coming!

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    you sure it wasnt our Fester in town. They usually block all the roads for him, so they can corner the bugger before they give him his medication and put him back inside for the night

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    i remember an incident where a trained horseman tried to mow me down infront of my mate Liz ,because i was pushed out due to the crowds
    the royal show was not the best place to try it, as my learned friend found out
    but atleast her majesty looked on and smiled
    infact i hav a feeling she might of remembered me from a past time, where i asked for help and was gratefull for her help
    as it saved a mans life
    a moment i will never forget
    God bless her
    and Respect

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