An Englishman, An Irishman and a Scotsman go for a weekend break to Amsterdam. Walking down the red light district, they see this lady of ill repute and decide to have a go.
They ask the "Lady", How much, to which see replies " I charge ten euros an inch! "OK" says the Englishman, "I am for that" and and away they go. On coming out of the bedroom, the other two ask "How much?" The Englishman replies Proudly " Eighty euros". So the Irishman decides to have a go. When he returns, they ask "how much" he says Seventy euros". Finally, the Scotsman has a go and when he returns, again, they ask how much. "Twenty Five euros" he says. Amazed, the other two ask how did he manage that, He replied "I paid on the way out".